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Tired of the same old boring music? Mix it up a little and download some new songs and albums by your favorite artists, and maybe some new ones too! Get out of the same old boring playlist and throw in some new material. You're mental health will thank you, and your friends will thank you too. Music is a man's measure of an infinite force of nature. Add a little nature into your life.

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We take music seriously. We aren't trying to make you sign up for obscure services that cost money. Everything you will read here is all free knowledge, and we will never ask you for a dollar. All of the content on Sound Booty is here for your own knowledge and amusement. If we were in it for the money, you would have known well before reaching this paragraph.

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Here at Sound Booty, we take the time to write our articles in such a way that almost anyone who is at least comfortable with a computer can follow along. We are great at learning the easiest techniques that come with each downloading method and explaining them in written words. Rest assured, you'll have no problem learning a thing or two while you're here.